Billings County Weed Control Board - "You Say It, We Spray It!"
State Listed Noxious Weeds

                                  Absinth Wormwood          Leafy Spurge               Saltcedar

                            Canada Thistle                    Musk Thistle               Spotted Knapweed

                            Dalmatian Toadflax           Purple Loosestrife      Yellow Toadflax

                            Diffuse Knapweed              Russian Knapweed

County Listed Noxious Weeds

Black Henbane         Common Burdock         Hoary Cress   

 Houndstongue         Field Bindweed

More information on these noxious weeds can be obtained at the NDSU Extension Service in Dickinson at (701) 456–7665 or by contacting the BCWCB.
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