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 2017 Estimated Chemical Costs

Glystar + (Generic RU)             $12.95/gal

Hi-Light (Dye)                           $5.89 p/pkt

Opti-Amine (2-4D)                    $27.26/gal

Milestone                                    $71.04/quart

MSO                                           $13.49/gal

Plateau                                        $116.00/gal

Tordon 22K                                $46.25/gal

LV-6                                           $17.60/gal

Spret                                           $11.74/gal

Chemical Notes:
Tordon 22K is a restricted use chemical producers need proof of an applicator’s license. At the end of the spray season, producer need to submit a form with land description and in-kind labor and equipment to qualify or chemical assistance or they will be charged full price on chemical. The sale of these products will be held throughout the 2016 spray season.

The BCWCB has a cost-share program for chemical application. The County will supply the chemical and the labor at 50% of actual cost. Labor is $45.00 per/hr. x 50% = $22.50 per/hr. and chemical is 50% of actual chemical cost.

Again in 2015, the BCWCB saw very good results with the application of Milestone (non-restricted) on Canada Thistle, Absinth Wormwood, and Knapweed. One very important note is that if you are using Southwest Water you only need to use a non-ionic surfactant (Spret); however, if you are using well water you need to use a water conditioner and a non-ionic surfactant. The chemical Opti-Amine is an option because it contains both ingredients. The BCWCB is considering adding a new chemical called GrazonNext HL to our inventory for Landowner use. GrazonNext HL is a chemical that contains Milestone and 2-4D combined. GrazonNext HL is not labeled for Right of Way use but has been very effective in pastureland and rangeland in southern states.  
Wormwood-Canada Thistle-Knapweed Spray Mix
(per acre)
7 ounces Milestone
32 ounces Spret or 32 ounces Opti-Amine
 (Spret used with SW water) (Opti- Amine used with well water)
We continue to see longer control on Leafy Spurge with our 3-way application in the spring and early summer.

Leafy Spurge
Spring/Summer Mix
(per acre)

4 ounces of Plateau
1 pint of Opti-Amine 
8 ounces of Tordon 22K per acre.
A different chemical recipe is used for fall application and has shown similar control on Leafy Spurge.

Leafy Spurge
Fall Mix
(per acre)

8 ounces of Plateau
1 quart of MSO

It is recommended to rotate these treatments every three years to avoid plant resistance.

  •  If using Southwest Water you only need to use a non-ionic surfactant (Spret). HOWEVER, if you are using well water you need use a water conditioner and a non-ionic surfactant. (The product Opti-Amine contains both ingredients)
  • Please remember, the above calculations are dependent on averaged spray calibrations and may vary between applicators. For more information regarding your personal spray equipment and chemical measurements contact the BCWCB.
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